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Oh dear, an OOC post...

With kind permission I'm pimping out a prompt community that I just made for sci-fi prompts. A lot have went down recently and I'm sad to see them go, and there's very few out there active that deal in science fiction specific prompts.


The rules and information are on the profile page, and of course any help/ideas are welcomed.

I'll now return you to your regularly scheduled Whoness.

Mar. 21st, 2010

Steady on, it's a post in the OOC comm!

There's a Doctor Who RPG just started up this week that you guys might be interested in, cos, well, it's a Doctor Who only RPG. And it's got some great people in it (I say some, simply because I don't know them all - they could all be great for all I know). But it could definitely do with more great people, which you guys all are.

It's fractured_time, by the same people who brought you relativespace, which was my first, and still the best, RP I've been in.
Pffftp. There hasn't been an intro here for ages so... yay.

Here is Wilfred Mott, Donna Noble's grandfather, and all round wonderful man. I'm Vivien, and I have Toshiko as well here, but Wilf has been nagging at me for a while, so it's time he starting answering prompts.

Pimp that prompt comm

There are a lot of prompt comms out there and many people have their characters at more than one. So this is an opportunity to talk about the ones you like, what they're like and why you like them.

If you own or run a comm, please don't start a comment about it - this is just for comms you're a member of. Please use a comment per comm, that way other people can reply and add any additional information or ask questions.

Love Meme

This is an Oncoming Storms love meme.

Comment here with the the name of the character you play and other people tell you what they love you/your character/anything really. Alternatively, if there's someone you think needs some love and they haven't commented here, then just start a thread for them.

Anyone watching the comm but not a member of Oncoming Storms is welcome to give love if they want.


Ah. Hello. I am Ash! I tragically idled out of OS ages ago, and finally decided to give it another shot, because it is still a lovely place and my inspiration needs a kick in the pants.

I bring you your second Five, because there can never be too many Fives.

For RP purposes I usually take him from after The Gathering, because he is handily alone, and also because I love Big Finish like delicious pie.

If you ever want to plot or chat or anything else, feel free to contact me!

Jul. 22nd, 2009

*pokes in head* *pokes you lot*

Helllooo. My name's Becca, and I'm new here, so I thought I'd say hi. I found the community while looking through various Who-related character journals, and thought it might be a fun place to house my newest muse here. I'm by no means new to the Who fandom, though I have only been in it a little over a year, this character is new to me, mainly because she's new period, but only sort of. This is the Doctor. No, really. The Doctor just entered her Eleventh Incarnation, and yes, she looks exactly like Donna Noble. It started out as a cracky idea for me for Ten to basically regenerate into Donna, but as the case is every time I try to write crack, it's become a little more serious for me. Full information of how this occurred is in the profile of this journal, and the actual regeneration is chronicled in a prompt response located in my journal.

I'm looking forward to interacting with you all.


I noticed that no one had done an intro here since Captain Hart back in November. That is UNACCEPTABLE, because this community is brilliant!

I'm Lady Christina de Souza, and I'm new to this spot. What can I tell you about myself that won't get me into trouble? *thinks* Well, not much, I wager. I'm a member of that old, moldy British tradition of aristocracy, which means that we endure so long as we aren't required to do our own menial labour. I don't really have a career, per se. It's more like a hobby. Now it seems that I may have picked up a disreputable bloke who is interested in what I do, and I was rather rudely dismissed by another one who isn't over his last companions. Oh, well, men are like that.

I have an interest in rare and valuable artifacts, so I travel to find them and steal them for the experience. I have a few items I've picked up from a few adventures, and they will come in handy, soon, I hope.

Anyway, nice to meet you all.
Hey, y'all. I'm Hawky, and I bring you a John Hart! (Oooh. Aaah.) This is my first prompt comm with actual activity checks, which is... pretty exciting. I'll probably remember!

John's mostly canon. Canon that has been fleshed out quite heavily with head-canon, of course, since he's an incredibly minor character. But what-ifs are fun to play with, and I'll be jumping around in his personal timeline a lot too. Because otherwise it would be all Jack, all the time, and who wants to hear about HIM? (<3 Jack muns)

So yeah. Hi.


Hello all! I'm Michelle and I bring along my Fifth Doctor muse. aliengeekgirl!mun sent me a link to Oncoming Storms ages ago, but I only got a round tuit now. Ummm, what else? My Five tends to be a mix of TV and Big Finish audio canon, depending on how the situation strikes my creativity. I've RPed him for awhile now, but haven't attempted much fic yet, so I joined the comm to help with that. That said, I'm open for RP plotting or what have you. Just drop me a line, all relevant info on the good Doctor's profile. Thanks! :)
I'm Mandi. And I'm mostly here because of Tosh (diedfighting). Either way it goes 'ello and here's the second Owen Harper. I'm not a newbie to the Torchwood fandom. I've actually managed to get people that I'm friends with into it. And if not for a friend of mine I probably wouldn't of touched it.

So hello and pleasure to meet ya!

'Ello, 'ello, 'ello (again)

G'day, folks! It's me again, Jasper, Editor!mun. I've jumped on the bandwagon (is it still just a wagon? Or more like a bandplanet or something?) and started up a Ten pup/muse. He's an AU Ten, so a little rundown might be in order.

Lessee. He never met Rose, he chose to be a hero instead of a coward on the Game Station (adding humans and the Dalek Emperor's Daleks to his genocide list), and he ran alone through Season 2 and some of Season 3 (this is the haziest part of the timeline, where I still need to work out which adventures still happened to him, even without Rose and Martha, and how they happened). When the Family of Blood came after him, he used the Chameleon Arch and stored himself in the watch—but since he had no companion to trust with watching him while he was stored, he used the TARDIS to throw the pieces—human and watch—into different parts of time and space. John Smith lived and died, human; the watch stayed trapped in the TARDIS, for millenia. Eventually, humans found the TARDIS, and, with that limitless curiosity the Doctor loves, they broke in. One poor sap opened the watch and got his mind and body overrun by a very cabin-feverish Time Lord. The process remade the body into the Doctor's Gallifreyan Tenth form, but it left him with some phantom memories from the human being it used to be. Add the sound of the drums—which I've interpreted as a side-effect of long confinement in essence form in the watch (a little counter to the Master's explanation, but not too far out of line, I think)—and he has the potential to be both a little harsher and a little more human than canon!Doctor.

This is all said much more eloquently in the prose intro for him in the journal, I swear.

So, yes. He'll almost certainly be a bit shaky at first, as I find my feet in his AU! and in Ten's voice in general (he's still very much recognizable as Ten, no matter how different his timeline), but I'm looking forward to running him.

And, woah, baby, is it late where I'm at now and my brain is dead. Hopefully, this post makes sense! *waves*

New Person indeed

Hi, I'm Dani or Scare, or Crow, or apparently cute, depending on who you talk to and I bring you your second Jack Harkness~ I've been playing him a handful of months now, and this is only my third official writing community, which makes me fairly new compared to a lot of people. I look forward to interacting with everyone and just having fun, so please don't hesitate to poke me if you ever feel like plotting discussing or just talking ♥

I do play him mostly-canon, but there will probably be a few prompts here and there based on the two AU RP's I have going for him at the moment. I'll be sure to make a note though, which I hope keeps the confusion down.

Have Box Lunch: Will Travel

I'm new here and am coming in with a pup that people seem to universally love or hate, so I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Heather, and I bring you Professor River Song, Archeologist.

In preparation to begining to RP with her over at hearts_andminds once the who!plot ends I thought it would be interesting and helpful with the voice to try a couple prompt communities. An idle idea that was enabled by aliengeekgirl, so if you hate River (and thus me) blame her. Seriously, not my fault.

Her canon (all of it in its extensive glory), any completely made up backstory and my own insanity are all fair game. If anyone wants to RP, I'm always happy to.

Heya! I'm Jchan and I'll be playing the lovely Donna Noble.

I've fallen head over heels in love with Doctor Who and have been so for the past three-ish years. I remember seeing things for Doctor Who as a kid, like occasional things on PBS and Sci-fi Channel when it first started up, and I always equated Doctor Who with a guy in a wicked long scarf. You can only imagine my surprise when I learned that that was his fourth incarnation and the Ninth Doctor was, well, his ninth.

I'm a big fan of the Big Finish Audios and it's so worth them taking up so much damn room on both my iPod and computer. Fifth Doctor ones used to dominate my selection, but Eighth Doctor ones reign supreme at the moment! (I gladly blame brigadiertardis and justcrizz for that. Also blamethank them for leading me to this lovely place.)

I am new to the whole muse-fic thing, and I've never really got the hang of RP'ing on LJ or any other journal for that matter. Used to RP on a board ages ago, but kinda got out of it. However! That's not to say I'm not willing to try, but I'd probably like to try small. (And I'm incredibly shy at times, hence my very slow entry into fandom stuff, so I might not initiate things too readily...)

So, uh, yeah! As far as writing, I hope I do Donna all the justice she deserves. I'm always afraid of not hitting her voice, and I worry more specifically about her slang. (But maybe I worry a bit needlessly? Who knows.) Canon-wise, I like playing with her time with the Doctor pre-Journey's End (or rather, more specifically, pre-Turn Left since there really isn't room for extra stuff from that point on) the most, and I think it'd be interesting to delve more into her past and possibly her future--neither of which I've actually touched yet.

Okay, this is getting a little long now, so hi again and great to meet you all!


G'day! Handle's Jasper, and I'm bringing the Editor to this here community. Because minor characters/villains/Simon Pegg need love.

Anyways, I'm relatively new to the Who fandom (working my way through Season 2 of New Who right now, haven't seen any Classic Who), so I may occasionally register on the clueless scale. But! Much love for the show, and very happy to be able to muck about in the Whoniverse with fellow muckers-about.

What else? Hrm...still getting a handle on the pup/muse's voice and will probably play about with different points in his timeline and AU versions of him before I find a point I'm happy with. For RP right now, he's just post-"death," surviving via the magic of multiverse-ery. For fiction writing, he will be any- and everywhere!

I'm more than happy to be contacted about plotting or what-have-you. I'm usually on AIM at kikainogimon.

*waves madly at everyone and jumps about on the furniture*

Introy Intro

Hello! I am fail at intros. I never know what to say but 'hello' seems like a good start.

So, I'm Kisha and play one of the bajillion Tens on the internet. You all needed more Ten in your lives, right? Right! So here I am, fulfilling that need. I've actually thought about joining here for...like, two months but I'm usually a nervous spazz about apping somewhere.

Uhm, what else. Oh! Right, well, I'm always happy to plot or RP or play with anyone. Really, I love it, so if you want to, you can always ask. And I have a million AUs that tend to involve the Master (specifically, savagestime, who probably has no idea finally managed to get myself to app here) but I'm just happy to RP with people in general. Maybe it will spout more AUs. I like those. And everyone here seems pretty awesome, so, definitely no trouble.

And I think that's all I can think of. So! Yes, thank you for having me.

Aug. 15th, 2008

Um! I'm bad at intros, so this will be really short, but hi. :O I'm Ally, and I'm just one teensy fish in the sea of gajillion Roses on LJ! Hooray me! Hooray lack of originality in picking a character!

...and, looking at the memberlist, I know a lot of you already. That's kind of spiffy.

Right. Yes. Bad intro over, back to your regularly scheduled flist.
JJ again with a second character brought in. Rhys Williams. I just fell in love with him and how he stood by Gwen no matter what. Figured I'd give writing and playing him a go.

and then, there was a doublemint twin!

Howdy, I bring another version of Tosh to the community. She kind of goes hand in hand with the Jack Harkness and Owen Harper, I'm here because of the Jack mun who kept bugging me *smirks*

I to, am somewhat new to the fandom, but I've seen both seasons in less then a week. I'm picking her up from the last episode, she died, was brought back (in true torchwood fashion because that show never leaves people dead) and is trying to readjust to life and find out where exactly she stands with Owen.

She's open to play, she's split into two verses, but if she writes concerning a different Owen or such I'll mark it appropriately. And I think that bout covers everything


I'm JJ and I am a newer Torchwood fan, I can admit it.

I bring Captain Jack Harkness himself in and as I said I am new so if he lacks I do hope to make him better. He's very open to talking to people and all that. I'm no good at introductions really as if you couldn't tell. Let me try this again.

Captain Jack Harkness arrives. Enough said.

Seems to work!

Aug. 2nd, 2008

I'm not really good at intros, so....

My name's Melissa and I'm playing the other Doctor.  I'm not really sure what his official title is.  Actually I don't think anyone has any idea what to call him, because everywhere I go, he has another name.  In my head, I see him wandering around, looking for trouble, saving the world.  Just like the Doctor, except stuck on Earth.  Like Sarah Jane in School Reunion or Donna in Partners in Crime.

As for me, well, I'm new to the RP/muse thing.  I've been lurking around the fandom for a while, reading everybody's stories and prompts and RPs.  Finally, I decided I need to get back out there in the fandom, because it sucks to love this show so much and not have anyone to share your obsession with.  So me = nervous/excited.

So, yay, glad to be here.  Glad to meet all you nice uber-talented people.
Unlike my muse, I can be easily distracted and forget matters that I shouldn't neglect. Like... introduction posts for a community I had joined weeks ago. Go me. /o/

Anyway~! My name is Maegen and I play the second incarnation of Romanadvoratrelundar! I've been writing for her for roughly nine months and I'm hoping that with the prompts here I can expand with her. Granted I do a short attention span from to time but she is by far my favorite muse to write for. And I do have a habit to do some AU pieces whenever I drink too much tea.

Her history is a combination of the television seasons and audios, and her more current 'timeline' is mostly between the end of the Gallifrey series but before the Time War. But I'm very flexible in both writing and roleplaying from different points too.

... and I also fail at proper introductions. So, um... ...'lo everyone! :D

These shoes! They're perfect!

Hi, I'm new. And by new, I mean old, and by old, I mean I joined like months ago and forgot to post here, so let's pretend I'm all spankly and bright and lovely and reconstructed and sort-of-but-not-really new, like shoes that are clearly falling apart but you cover with shiny boot polish to cover the fact up. And then like two days later, you suddenly find yourself walking on sharp walks with your socks, because your shoes came apart five days ago.

What was I saying? Yeah, I've no idea.

I'm Jeannie. Or Alice, which is my real name, but I tend to like to put 'Jeannie' because I used to be a huge fan of I Dream of Jeannie when I was around five and it's a vague almost romanisation of my Korean name. So it works in both practicality and 'I just want to use this because it's cool'-licality. But you can call me anything. You can call me Bernard if you want. I won't care. Probably.

I play the Eighth Doctor, but I hope you knew that, I mean, it's sort of in my icon... well, not write now, but in my journal... and... and... my life. Because I have one. And it's pretty much this.

So Eight is... Eight. Except like a really angsty, forever in pain Eight because I seem to have deficiencies in writing him in, you know, character. I take pretty much anything into canon, audios, books, movies, anything I get my hands on, and make half of it up, like the fact that he's not half-human. Actually, that's not made up, that's just fact. Most of movie canon is written over with in my head. What mother's side? Master snake? American? Eye of Harmony in TARDIS? Whaaaaaaat!? But most of the audios are canon, because they're really fantastic.

So... yeah. I'm making this really long, aren't I? I probably have like inabilities to write short things. I could make "See Dick Run" into an epic 500 page novel. I'm also very tired, so that would also explain it.

Errrr.... Writer away! *crashes out window in awesome action movie style*
Being new, I should probably introduce myself. I'm Megumi, and I'll be playing C'rizz. In case you aren't familiar with him, he's a companion of the Eighth Doctor from the audios. He's a Eutermesan from the Divergent Universe and travels with the Doctor and Charley there and later in our universe, too. My canon is mainly C'rizz from his time in our universe, although I like to dabble in the Divergent Universe a bit, as well.

I'm actually new to this sort of community, so let me know if I'm missing something, please. brigadiertardis pounced me to app here when I expressed interest, so I'm very excited to join the group! I look forward to meeting more people here.