Captain John Hart (goodathart) wrote in storm_tracker,
Captain John Hart

Hey, y'all. I'm Hawky, and I bring you a John Hart! (Oooh. Aaah.) This is my first prompt comm with actual activity checks, which is... pretty exciting. I'll probably remember!

John's mostly canon. Canon that has been fleshed out quite heavily with head-canon, of course, since he's an incredibly minor character. But what-ifs are fun to play with, and I'll be jumping around in his personal timeline a lot too. Because otherwise it would be all Jack, all the time, and who wants to hear about HIM? (<3 Jack muns)

So yeah. Hi.
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Awesome to see you here! Can't wait to read your prompts. <3
Thank you! I'm glad to be here, it's exciting! :D
*waves* Hellos!

Jasper here, of ye AU Watch!Ten and random requests for poetry recommendations. Howdy!
Hi! I remember you!
*is remembered*

I am a bad, bad DW fan and have not yet seen TW. I WILL FIX THIS, I SWEAR! But, character played by James Marsters = <3. *was never, ever, a Spike fan. Never. Nope. Not at all. >_>*
...what? You haven't? *gasp!* *shocked! outraged!* You need to fix this! It's very important! (Though you can totally skip all but the first and last two episodes of second season, absolutely, well, according to John.)

*may not have actually ever finished a BtVS episode. ever. >.>*
*mutual shock and horror! No Buffy! No SPIKE? No angsty vampire in leather with peroxide hair? Tsk, tsk, tsk*

I keep buying Classic instead of TW >_> Even though TW is cheaper. My logic is made of fail.
*I tried! I really tried! But I failed*

See, see, the problem with that is. Torchwood keeps coming out with more. And is apparently cheaper, who knew. And so if you get Torchwood, you can keep up. Classic just stays there, waiting for you, not multiplying like alien-influenced rabbits.
The characters within TW, however, cannot seem to stop mating like said alien-influenced rabbits.
(Yus, I hated Buffy, mostly I watched it for Anthony Stewart Head. Giles, you are so nerdy, hoorah.)


Torchwood and its characters are Tribbles! It...all makes sense now?

...I will watch TW! Someday! When the "watching DW is *research,* right? For writing?" self-excuse wears through >_>
I'm still waiting for that excuse to wear out. Both for DW and for pirates/18th century. And it's been several years now. Any day now?
Hello! Welcome to the not a whole lot of canon club - it's a fun place to live.
It is! A very fun place to live.
Jack resents that last remark. I, on the other hand, ♥ you.
I am unrepentant toward Jack, but ♥ you.
That's ok, he'll get over it soon enough. And yaaaaay ♥.