Lady Christina de Souza (lady_magic_bus) wrote in storm_tracker,
Lady Christina de Souza


I noticed that no one had done an intro here since Captain Hart back in November. That is UNACCEPTABLE, because this community is brilliant!

I'm Lady Christina de Souza, and I'm new to this spot. What can I tell you about myself that won't get me into trouble? *thinks* Well, not much, I wager. I'm a member of that old, moldy British tradition of aristocracy, which means that we endure so long as we aren't required to do our own menial labour. I don't really have a career, per se. It's more like a hobby. Now it seems that I may have picked up a disreputable bloke who is interested in what I do, and I was rather rudely dismissed by another one who isn't over his last companions. Oh, well, men are like that.

I have an interest in rare and valuable artifacts, so I travel to find them and steal them for the experience. I have a few items I've picked up from a few adventures, and they will come in handy, soon, I hope.

Anyway, nice to meet you all.
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