The Doctor (finallyginger) wrote in storm_tracker,
The Doctor

*pokes in head* *pokes you lot*

Helllooo. My name's Becca, and I'm new here, so I thought I'd say hi. I found the community while looking through various Who-related character journals, and thought it might be a fun place to house my newest muse here. I'm by no means new to the Who fandom, though I have only been in it a little over a year, this character is new to me, mainly because she's new period, but only sort of. This is the Doctor. No, really. The Doctor just entered her Eleventh Incarnation, and yes, she looks exactly like Donna Noble. It started out as a cracky idea for me for Ten to basically regenerate into Donna, but as the case is every time I try to write crack, it's become a little more serious for me. Full information of how this occurred is in the profile of this journal, and the actual regeneration is chronicled in a prompt response located in my journal.

I'm looking forward to interacting with you all.
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Hello Becca! I'm Jchan and I have to say, wow, what a fun idea! I'll have to go read how that came about!

I write for Donna as herself here--actually, I need to bring her out more >.>; *coughs*
Hiii. :D Long story short, I'm a little weird, and I have weird muses. That's how it happened. lol

I know I'd love to read some more from her. :D And possibly sometime we can do something cracky and silly and have them run into each other for giggles. lol
Hello! I'm Nic, I play Harry and I am behind on his friendslist and writing prompts and everything. I love the idea of the Doctor looking like Donna when he regenerates.
Hellloo. I fell behind on stuff, too. I suck for that. lol It's an amusing idea. I just couldn't resist it. :p