stormy_mod (stormy_mod) wrote in storm_tracker,

Pimp that prompt comm

There are a lot of prompt comms out there and many people have their characters at more than one. So this is an opportunity to talk about the ones you like, what they're like and why you like them.

If you own or run a comm, please don't start a comment about it - this is just for comms you're a member of. Please use a comment per comm, that way other people can reply and add any additional information or ask questions.
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musebysentence doesn't have any application and can have loads of the same character. Doesn't have any activity checks either. Prompts go up about twice a week, I think, and mostly tend to be one word prompts.

The difference with this comm, as the name suggests, is that all responses are just one sentence. I like it because it doesn't take long to write and you can explore what your character thinks about something without being tempted to go off on a tangent for a few paragraphs.
There is a new comm with an interesting premise - achanceto_dream. All the prompts are based around dreams, which is an interesting break from the normal prompt comm. At the moment the prompts go up weekly, but I suspect it will change to monthly.

Requirements are one prompt a month.